I know!!!!

Hi guys!

Things are sooooooo complicated that I’m not having time to post!!!but I will soon!!! =)

Need to write you about my new job, about the disaster in Japan… (pray for Japan!!!!) and life in general!!!

“life’s too short! Live every second…”



Last Carnival

Last carnival I was in Boston, I thought I knew what was going to happen, what I wanted, where I was going to be… a year later…my life changed 100%, EVERYTHING has changed!! I’m ready to keep taking risks and I’m ready to make mistakes… Live my life knowing that idk what is going to happen in a year from now! ♥

Let yourself make mistakes… take risks…!! I’ve lernt a lot!!
You don’t know how much i’ve felt, seen…!! How hurt i was… how many tears i’ve dropped!!!

Ready to love again, to travel again, work again, start a new life…!! Doesn’t matter where… I have the best friends ever, and a perfect family that will follow me… wherever I am!!

Well… I have a new job!!!!! “new day has come”

Love, live, laugh!!!!!

Have a great Carnival!!!!!!