Life by Vivara or Moments by Pandora

Bracelet!!! 🙂 Yup…

Have you heard about the Pandora’s Collection named: Moments ?? It’s so cute… and then here in Brazil one Jewellery VIVARA launch the “same” collection : “LIFE“, Same thing… a bracelet with charms!!! So cute!! And after weeks thinking if I should buy it or not… I bought mine!!

Made in silver… some bracelets you can find in leather and some charms in gold!



Have 2 charms… (only 2 charms…) since they have to mean something… I can’t buy a bunch… need a meaning…!!! lol! 😉 First one is a “monster” was a gift from one of my besties!! it’s a joke… and… means a lot!! The second one… it’s a turtle with a hare all in one…!!


(Price under the picture I found @ Pandora’s app for IPhone… i want all of them… oh… except fot the cake… cuz i’m not getting married!!)

Price of the Bracelet at Vivara here in Brazil: R$ 190,00 with a stopper (+/- USD 119,00)

Price of charms here in Brazil at Vivara: R$50,00 to R$180,00!!! (+/- USD 31,00 to USD 113,00 )

In USA is cheaper… of course… !! The bracelet at Pandora you can buy for USD 40,00 and the charms you can buy them for USD 35,00 to USD 100,00 (traditional ones…)

Now see the cake? USD 65,00 at Pandora’s? YUP… in USA… My friend went to one of Pandora’s store here in Brazil and the same cake… R$284,00 = +/- USD 178,00!!!!!!!! CAN YOU BELIEVE IT???? NO??? NEITHER CAN I!!!! @maria_moura called me really upset that day… MÁÁÁÁ we are going to buy your cake!!! I promise!!

Our next trip: FLORIDA!!! YAYYYYY!! in february… I need to find a Pandora’s store there cuz we’re going to buy a lot of charms there…!! 🙂 Any suggestions of charms??? Or… stores???

I need to find a butterfly!!! Until then… work work work… pay bills… find a way to move and BYE!

see ya! xx




Um comentário em “Life by Vivara or Moments by Pandora

  1. Oi Nádia!
    (Fiquei um pouco confusa se tinha que comentar em inglês ou português! rs)
    Obrigada por visitar o Hi-Lo… volte sempre 🙂
    Seu blog é bem legal.
    Essas pulseiras da Vivara / Pandora são lindas… gosto dessa proposta de ter amuletos da vida num acessório só… muito fofo!

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